PROJECT CHICK II by Nikki Turner

Read this because I had a headache and couldn’t concentrate on the Spanish book I’m reading. This is something easy, and I already read the first part not too long ago. So yea.

This was pretty similar to A Project Chick, but Project Chick II gives more attention to her twin sons who are now teenagers. They’re out making bad choices while being misinformed about a lot of things. That I think is key to the storyline–that young people are looking for guidance and need hands-on people around them. They will turn to whoever, so it matters who is nearby.

Her two sons go chill with their dad’s mother and end up in his part of town, hanging out with their dad’s old friend who sucks as much as their dad did. It’s kinda the same story happening again–the mother, Tressa–was a young when she got involved with the dad. The twins are lost and confused and eager, just like their mother once was. So it just shows something about the circularity of responsibility. Coming of age is about wanting truth and trust.

-Rachel Wagner

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